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Once upon a time, a shadow of uncertainty, like a deep fog, was cast over the whole of Romania. It was one that kept some of its most precious beauties hidden from the human touch, secluded into a time and space that never hurried anywhere and that could morph into virgin woods up on the mountains, villages built around centuries old churches, little towns where the gothic fights the socialist concrete and all sorts of other places that strangely feel like a home. Luckily, just like a charm, we have unlocked the secret trunk and freed all its contents at your disposal. It’s just a matter of choice and finding the right combination that tickles your fancy and that of your clients, in order to create an adventure of a lifetime. And then, you will travel happily ever after.

Multicultural Adventures

Is there such thing as “Romanian culture”? Certainly, Romania does have its fair share of traditions, histories, and customs. However, culture is not a singular thing. Over the years, Romania has evolved in layers that were built on top of each other. Every ethnic group has left its baggage of cultural artifacts, and every socio-political era has imprinted a cultural shift in one way or another. In short, Romania is a multicultural country, where people live in harmony with each other, but always very proud of their roots and specific cultural backgrounds. It’s time for you to emerge yourself into the surprising, rich. and diverse multiculturality of Romania.

Mountains and Vineyards of Transylvania

Whether or not Dracula was an actual living person, will become the least interesting question to consider once you actually arrive in Transylvania. The cinematic scenery, together with the groovy atmosphere constantly hanging in the air, will make you understand why “Dracula” is first and foremost, a state of being. Either you stroll the streets of an idyllic town like Brașov or those of the fast-paced capital city, București, a certain feeling of living in the past lingers.As the days go by and you get the chance to explore the wild natural heritage of Romania, as well as the rural areas, you will immerse yourself into life at its best: connection with nature, organic human bonding, good hearty meals, strong brandy, wine that will make you hazy, and a collection of unforgettable stories that defy the power of language.

Short breaks to Romania

This is the moment you become in charge! The moment when you get to choose the next path and lead the way. It is the one when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place at the snap of your fingers. Then, you will have created your own private Romania. One that can be shown to others, because happiness is only real when shared. Start with your point A and make it all the way to your imagined finish. And don’t forget to make your exit through the gift shop.

Design your own itinerary

An entire adventure through Romania at your fingertips! Every step of the way is already here, but how you choose to combine them all, can reveal the ultimate itinerary that caters to your needs. It’s Romania just the way it is. Just the way you like it. Let your agent know!

The Old-World charm at your fingertips

There are many off the beaten path itineraries throughout Europe. The most unique and authentic tours are hard to find, customize and personalize.

As a travel advisor, you can make a difference by offering not “the perfect destination”, but a series of life-changing experiences.

Become the go-to consultant for mindful travelers who seek a deeper purpose within their journeys.

Those who thrive dare to walk off the beaten path.

Customized and personalized authentic local experiences.

An agent friendly booking system.

Trustworthy and reliable Travel Solutions Partner

Supporting the destination through sustainable tourism practices


David Gregor

Business Analyst

If you are looking to spend some time learning about the real Transylvania, not time spent in gift shops or eating lunches in hotels, then we can highly recommend Romanian Adventure’s tours. Romania is a wonderful country with a wide variety of interesting areas, beautiful medieval towns, splendid nature, unspoiled countryside and much more. I have never learned so much on a trip while having SO much fun as I did with Nicolas, our guide. His knowledge of Romanian culture, history. people, architecture & music are extensive and impressive.

About us

We have built Romanian Adventures on a deep knowledge of all facets of the travel industry, and a clear understanding of the travel agents’ challenges, needs and expectations.

An important component of our mission is supporting the travel agents in their roles. We are an exclusively B2B organization and have designed all of our booking tools and itineraries with the travel agent’s ease of operation in mind.

We want to support the way travel agents are served and fulfill their roles. We believe in being an honest partner to our local suppliers, our travel agent clients, and to the travelers we ultimately serve. We see ourselves as enthusiastic promoters of Romanian tourism, and would like to define our company as a place of discovery, information and facilitation of all things Romanian. Our goal is to ultimately share with the travelers more of the Romanian countryside, the traditional farm, unique and secluded accommodations, and our mountain trails.

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Csilla Dali

Csilla has been a travel agency owner for over 12 years now, and she is very involved in the travel agent scene in the Midwest. She served on the Board of Directors of several industry organizations, she is a former president for Midwest ASTA and has won several industry awards over the years, such as the Young Travel Professional of the Year awarded by ASTA.

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Cătălina Steinhouse

Cătălina has been working in travel since 2002. She is an IATA accredited travel agent, who later specialized in Ticketing and worked for an Air Consolidator in Chicago. More recently, she picked up on an older passion: numbers and figures, and she is currently an Accounting Analyst in the Travel Industry.

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Andra Farcău

Andra loves traveling and she is a certified Marketing Strategy Expert and Trainer. With 14 years of experience in Journalism, PR and Digital Marketing, she is obsessed with all things human and loves to see others thrive. So far, she has helped businesses from several regions with their strategy, operations, communications, sales and marketing, to improve their return on investment. Now she is picking up on a Data Science Master Programme.

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