About us

We have built Romanian Adventures on a deep knowledge of all facets of the travel industry, and a clear understanding of the travel agents’ challenges, needs and expectations.

An important component of our mission is supporting the travel agents in their roles. We are an exclusively B2B organization and have designed all of our booking tools and itineraries with the travel agent’s ease of operation in mind.

We want to support the way travel agents are served and fulfill their roles. We believe in being an honest partner to our local suppliers, our travel agent clients, and to the travelers we ultimately serve. We see ourselves as enthusiastic promoters of Romanian tourism, and would like to define our company as a place of discovery, information and facilitation of all things Romanian. Our goal is to ultimately share with the travelers more of the Romanian countryside, the traditional farm, unique and secluded accommodations, and our mountain trails.

Meet the team

Team member

Csilla Dali

Csilla has been a travel agency owner for over 12 years now, and she is very involved in the travel agent scene in the Midwest. She served on the Board of Directors of several industry organizations, she is a former president for Midwest ASTA and has won several industry awards over the years, such as the Young Travel Professional of the Year awarded by ASTA.

Team member

Cătălina Steinhouse

Cătălina has been working in travel since 2002. She is an IATA accredited travel agent, who later specialized in Ticketing and worked for an Air Consolidator in Chicago. More recently, she picked up on an older passion: numbers and figures, and she is currently an Accounting Analyst in the Travel Industry.

Team member

Andra Farcău

Andra loves traveling and she is a certified Marketing Strategy Expert and Trainer. With 14 years of experience in Journalism, PR and Digital Marketing, she is obsessed with all things human and loves to see others thrive. So far, she has helped businesses from several regions with their strategy, operations, communications, sales and marketing, to improve their return on investment. Now she is picking up on a Data Science Master Programme.

Our vision

We offer hand selected itineraries and carefully curated experiences, while keeping in focus the global relevance of sustainable exploration. Supporting the locals by fully engaging in their environment is a key element to facilitate the switch from consumers to mindful travelers.

Our mission

Supporting our travel advisor partners with modern technology and in-depth destination information for streamlined booking process, customization and personalization of vacation experiences that serve the needs of their FIT clientele.

Our core values

Continuous innovation in tourism is essential towards better life experiences

Our aim is to reshape the tourism experiences by merging the Old-World charm with modern conveniences. At the same time, we are innovating the way travel agents fulfill their roles and achieve their goals.

Authentic experiences are more than the places to visit

An elevated traveler is looking to feel challenged and taken by surprise. We help the travel agent with itineraries for those bold and mindful travelers, looking to return to basics, enjoy tranquility in places where the grass is green and the time stands still.

For sustainability we support the destination, and give back to the local communities

We support the locals and local culture, by empowering the traveler to make a positive impact. Their choice of vacation has an impact on the destination.

Diversity makes travelling more than just a beautiful adventure

We all walk from different places and the journeys ahead are diverse in every way we look at them: nature’s beauty, habitats, people, activities and the way time passes by. All in one place: Romania. This is what makes our itineraries unique.

Romanian Adventures story

Romanian Adventures is a story of a strong and true friendship, love for traveling, passion for the travel industry and rediscovery of the land of childhood.

Csilla and Cătălina met years ago as expats in Chicago, IL, U.S. They clicked instantly, not only because they were coming from the same country, but they were sharing the same passion for tourism. Both with solid backgrounds in the industry, they supported each other professionally through the years and hoped for the opportunity to work together one day.

In building this company, they truly see themselves as travel agents working for travel agents. What kindled the idea was the frustration with the current offerings on the market.

They were trying to plan a trip to Romania for their friends, so they could share the countryside, the amazing hikes, the tranquility, great food and traditions that their most cherished childhood memories were built upon.

No provider on the market was able to deliver, so they decided to become themselves the partner that will help bring Romanian experiences closer and easier to access by the American traveler.